Unwind and Indulge: Discover the Ultimate Spa Experience in Cornwall - St Moritz Hotel

When it comes to cocooning yourself in a luxury spa experience, the sheer wraparound loveliness of the St Moritz knows no seasons. Embrace the drama and wildness of a North Cornish winter while enjoying the warm, enveloping sensations of everything our spa in Cornwall has to offer.

Spa packages and deals in Cornwall’s St Moritz Hotel

So many visitors with different schedules and varied needs, and now, so many ways to fit a fabulous experience into all those busy lives.

For one thing, if you can’t quite manage an overnight stay, no problem, come anyway! We have some beautiful day packages to choose from, including our Wild Sundays, featuring a delicious Soulful Roast and two-hour Wild Spa session for four people for £120.

Or, if the Cowshed Spa’s more your thing and time’s a factor, what about a Cowshed Elemental Spa Day? Choose between an hour’s Cowshed Facial, Salt Scrub & Back Massage, Ultimate Manicure, or Pedicure, plus a two-hour experience of either the Cloudgazer or Stargazer. These day options cost £99 on a Monday, Thursday or Friday, or £109 at the weekend.

With our overnight packages, the choices just multiply. Our ever-popular Coastal Cowshed Bronze Silver and Gold packages offer various lengths of stay and numbers of treatments, while Wild Sundaze will give you a Sunday to savour: the night you stay is (you guessed it) a Sunday, but beforehand there’s a sharing Sunday roast to enjoy, a two-hour wild spa session, one-hour Cowshed treatment each and, on Monday morning, a leisurely breakfast and a lovely late check-out (at midday, prices start at just £250, £125 each).

And that’s not all. The Winter Escape is available Wednesday to Sunday with a Cloudgazer Wild Spa experience included, along with one-hour Cowshed treatment each, plus breakfast and a midday check out. It also starts at £250, but is available as single occupancy too, for just £125.

And to continue the theme, how about an Elemental Stay? You’ll enjoy an elemental dinner in our Wild Spa Tipi each evening, and a two-hour In Your Element Experience each day, starting from £190 a night.

Getting the most from your spa experience in Cornwall

Much as everything within our walls and under our roof is amazing, you’d be missing a trick if you didn’t try to take in some of the natural beauty we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by.

So if time allows, why not try to arrive early – you can leave your bags if it’s before check-in time – and head out on the coast path to warm up and feel fresh for the day to come? Massive, dramatic skies, miles of beach, crashing surf: stretch your legs, fill your lungs and start to feel your mind wind down.

And while you’re here, why not make a day of it, take advantage of the beautiful food and drink we serve and book yourself a nice long lunch or an indulgent afternoon tea?

There are so many things to do and potential activities to plan while you’re here at our spa in Cornwall, but then equally, sometimes the real joy of a break like this comes down to those snatched moments to yourself: the tipi’s cocooning calm, the fragrant stillness of the Cowshed’s relaxation room, or maybe just time spent with nothing more to focus on than the open fire’s warmth or its flames’ constant crackle.

The benefits of spa treatments for relaxation and rejuvenation

It’s one thing telling yourself to relax and take it easy – if only life were so simple – but quite another to put yourself in an environment completely geared to making that happen.

One thing leads irresistibly to another: slow the world right down, surrender to the practised hands of experienced physical therapists and, gradually, tight, uncomfortably stiff muscles enjoy better blood flow, relax, become more supple and feel less tense.

Which, in chicken-and-egg fashion, all helps to slow heart-rate, regulate breath, encourage a sense of wellbeing, and reduce the incidence of, for example, those stress hormones (like cortisol) which can keep our bodies hyper-alert and in fight-or-flight mode.

These slowing, calming effects of thorough, genuine relaxation confer a range of benefits, not least reduced blood pressure and, as a result, healthier and improved sleep: this absence of anxiety and these fewer signs of physical stress help ensure deeper sleep and fewer broken nights.

Add to these deep, organic benefits all the associated positives of our range of treatments – a detoxed, exfoliated body, improved pH balance, skin and hair health – then you’ll see how even a short break in the right setting (a setting like this) can be as transformative as it is enjoyable.

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