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Planning a summer holiday in Cornwall? Look no further! With its breathtaking beaches, charming coastal villages, and a rich cultural heritage, Cornwall offers an idyllic setting for a memorable vacation. In this blog post, we'll explore the top five summer holiday classics that are sure to enhance your Cornish experience. From savoring delicious fish and chips in Rock to exploring the picturesque village of Port Isaac, this guide will help you make the most of your trip to Cornwall.

Fish and Chips in Rock

No Cornish holiday is complete without indulging in the quintessential British seaside treat: fish and chips. Head over to the beautiful village of Rock, nestled on the banks of the Camel Estuary, and treat yourself to a plate of freshly fried fish and crispy golden chips from the Rock Chip Shop. As you savor each bite while overlooking the glistening waters, you’ll understand why this experience is an absolute classic.

Cycling the Camel Trail

For an active and scenic adventure, embark on a cycling journey along the Camel Trail. This 18-mile long traffic-free path takes you through stunning countryside, alongside the serene Camel River. Rent a bike in Padstow or Wadebridge and pedal your way through picturesque landscapes, passing by old railway tracks, verdant woodlands, and charming villages. The Camel Trail is the perfect way to immerse yourself in Cornwall’s natural beauty.

Mr. Whippy and Surfing in Polzeath

When the sun is shining and the waves are calling, head to Polzeath, a popular surfing destination on Cornwall’s north coast. Spend a day catching waves or watching the pros carve the swells. Afterward, treat yourself to a delicious Mr. Whippy ice cream cone from one of the local vendors along the beach. The combination of surfing and savouring this iconic frozen delight creates a timeless Cornish summer experience.

A Walk Around Port Isaac

Step into the postcard-perfect village of Port Isaac and immerse yourself in its timeless charm. Stroll through narrow winding streets lined with whitewashed cottages and colourful fishing boats bobbing in the harbour. Explore the quaint shops and art galleries that dot the village, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the famous “Doc Martin” filming locations. Port Isaac’s undeniable beauty and coastal serenity make it an ideal spot for a leisurely walk.

Visiting The Mariners Pub on a Rainy Day

Even the Cornish weather can’t dampen the spirit of a summer holiday in Cornwall. On a rainy day, head to The Mariners Pub in Rock, a cozy and welcoming establishment with a warm ambiance. Savour a pint of local ale or a comforting cup of Cornish tea as you relax by the fireplace, exchanging stories with fellow travelers. The Mariners Pub offers a quintessentially Cornish experience, creating memories that will last long after your holiday ends.

Cornwall is a treasure trove of summer holiday classics, with something for everyone. Whether you're relishing the crispy goodness of fish and chips in Rock, pedalling along the scenic Camel Trail, riding the waves in Polzeath, exploring the charming village of Port Isaac, or seeking refuge from the rain in The Mariners Pub, these experiences will add a touch of magic to your Cornish getaway. Embrace the timeless traditions, natural beauty, and warm hospitality that Cornwall has to offer, and create unforgettable memories that will stay with you for years to come.

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