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Summertime brings long, hazy days with a gentler pace but can also bring about changes to our skin. This blog covers hints, tips and products for happy summer skin.

As the largest organ and made up of approximately 64% water, it makes sense that hot, humid weather can influence its appearance and behaviour.

This blog covers two amazing Skinceuticals products, a double defence that covers the vital importance of sun protection and hydration and available at our very own Cowshed Spa

Hydrating serums are an ideal warmer weather solution for those who prefer a lightweight texture as they rapidly absorb into the skin.

C E Ferulic, Skinceuticals award-winning antioxidant serum is formulated for optimal vitamin C absorption and prevents further damage from environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution for firmer and smoother looking skin.

Pair with a Skinceuticals sunscreen and you are on to a winning combination!

Sunscreen is an all year round essential but should be worn more so in the summer months for protection from UVA and UVB damage. For blemish-prone skin, Skinceuticals Mineral Matte UV Defence, a 100% mineral sunscreen with an oil-absorbing base, leaves a long-lasting matte finish let’s be honest, no one really likes walking around looking greasy if there is an alternative. Let’s talk about re-application-something we are all guilty of not taking seriously. The Skin Cancer Foundation suggests reapplication every 2 hours-GUILTY-I, personally, never quite manage this! Skinceuticals sunscreen comes in a handy tube, perfect for on the go adventures and reapplication-no excuses.

Top tips:

  • Reach for hats and even swimsuits that have UV protection factors
  • A hat will not only protect your scalp but will also protect your hair from unnecessary heat and dryness
  • Oh, and do not forget your lips – swipe on an SPF lip balm too
  • For your eyes: sunglasses — besides looking cool, they protect your cornea from UV rays and the sensitive skin on your eyelids
  • No matter your skin type, internal hydration is vital too—particularly during and after periods of prolonged sun exposure. Add some sliced cucumber, lemon, or a few sprigs of mint to your water bottle and sip away
  • Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids—such as fish, walnuts and edamame—can also help to boost moisture levels in the skin
  • Night-time is an opportune time to nourish your skin, providing (hopefully) eight hours’ uninterrupted rest. Applying a richly emollient, vitamin-enhanced hydrator before bed will allow the formulation time to take effect, restoring moisture as you get your beauty sleep. Cowshed’s Rejuvenate Night Cream ticks all the boxes!
  • Make doubly sure to remove makeup of an evening, no matter how sun-weary you feel

Happy Summer …

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