Postcards From Midlife x St Moritz Hotel - St Moritz Hotel

We sat down with podcasters and former glossy magazine editors Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin to ask them why they chose Cornwall as the setting for their first ever retreat aimed at women in midlife.

The duo, co-host the chart-topping weekly show Postcards From Midlife which they started more than four years ago as a side-hustle before taking to it full time when it became increasingly successful. Lorraine is formerly the editor of ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Sunday Times Style and Trish edited Red, Instyle and Marie Claire magazines. They regularly write for the national newspapers and magazines and Lorraine is also the author of two books including the Sunday Times best seller “Mum what’s Wrong With You? 101 Things Only The Mothers of Teenage Girls Know’. Trish is also a qualified executive coach. Alongside the show they write a twice monthly magazine newsletter Postcards From Lorraine & Trish and regularly consult with companies about making life easier for women in midlife who often face the tricky perfect storm of hormonal changes, caring for elderly parents, looking after adolescents and navigating an empty nest alongside all the other challenges midlife can throw at you. Their podcast tackles all this as well interviewing celebrities in midlife and they have had more than 200 guests on the show ranging from Elizabeth Hurley, Juliet Stevenson, Davina McCall, Kate Garraway and Carol Vorderman to Pultizer prizewinning novelist and politicians. The show is about celebrating the spirited women of midlife and offering parrtical advice on having a brilliant second act.

How did this retreat come about?

Lorraine: We wanted to bring what we know to a small group of women in an intimate setting and to record a podcast live with them in the audience. Last year we held a two-day midlife festival at London’s business design centre; we recorded 5 shows and thousands of women came along. It was exciting but exhausting so this year we wanted to take a different approach and make what we do more bespoke and help smaller groups of midlife women. I grew up in Liskeard in Cornwall and my family live there, so I spend a lot of time here during school holidays with my husband James and four children. We now have our own home in Polzeath and have been coming to St Moritz since the first day it opened; I knew this would be the perfect most welcoming place for what we wanted to do.

Trish: Our show is a family affair, we consider our listeners and the community on our private Facebook group for the podcast family and this is a lovely way of getting closer to them and finding out a bit more about them as well as helping them. These women will share their knowledge with other midlifers because that is what women do and this means everyone benefits even those who don’t come along this time.

What happens during the retreat?

Lorrine: This is two days of rest, rejuvenation and re-energising; these are three things busy midlife women want. It’s a break from the lives and families to think about what they need and learn something practical to help them thrive at home and work. We have somatic movement coach Nahid de Belgeonne coming to show us how to rest well and find restful moments in the day, she’s known as the ‘nervous system whisperer’ and will be guiding us in new techniques for breathwork. Cornish chef Emily Scott is a friend of mine and she will be talking about mindful cooking and how to cook for family and for yourself and sharing her personal midlife journey.  And on Sunday we will be recording a live interview with the author of How To Feel Better Cathy Rentzenbrink, a Sunday Times best selling writer, who lives in Falmouth.

Trish: We’ll also be taking women on our inaugural friendship walk, where we enjoy a trip to Daymer Bay along the stunning coastline to the church where John Betjeman is buried and Lorraine actually got married. It’ll be a chance to chat and share experiences and network with like-minded women. And we’ll be enjoying the St Moritz wild spa during the afternoon for a spot of cold-water dipping, Lorraine will also be dipping with guests in the morning at the hotel’s outdoor pool and chatting about how she found cold water swimming during her perimenopause and is now addicted to it! There is also an amazing goody bag too full of gorgeous products.

What will the key takeaways be?

Lorraine: we’ve interviewed hundreds of experts, celebrities and midlife women over the past four years so we are going to be sharing all the positive practical and helpful things we have learnt. Our show is about giving women advice, so they live a magnificent midlife and that’s what the retreat is about too. It’s about making this stage of live positive, empowering.

Trish: And it is also about connecting with like minded women, making new friends and enjoying some cocktails hopefully and sharing our thoughts and advice. It’ll be intimate, private and really nourishing. We want women to go back to their lives after a fun, restful break where they learnt something about themselves and also learnt how to take care of themselves well.

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