Month of Love Self Care Tips | St. Moritz Hotel and Spa, Cornwall

It’s February, otherwise known as the ‘Month of Love’ and in our Cowshed spa we’re all about loving yourself, after-all it is who you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with!

Our Cowshed Spa Manager Rachel Hollyoak has compiled 8 top self-care tips to help you fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s.

Self-Care Tip #1 - Wake up looking and feeling refreshed every day

Our skin is our largest organ so it makes sense to look after it, and our hair is a good indicator of overall health. If you want to wake up looking and feeling great do these 3 things every night before going to sleep:

  1. Apply eye balm – the skin around our eyes is thinner than anywhere else on our face. Eye creams and balms are specially formulated for this more sensitive area.
  2. Apply lip balm – lips balms leave the lips feeling soft, plumper and supple
  3. Plait your hair – To achieve the perfect tangle-free wave simply plait your hair before bedtime- in the morning your hair will be work-ready in an instant.

Self-Care Tip #2 - Scrub and soothe

Exfoliating is a great way to keep your skin feeling and looking in great shape. I recommend twice weekly after cleansing using Cowshed’s Calendula scrub as the walnut shells help to gently exfoliate the skin increasing cell renewal. A great tip for exfoliating is to do so before you sleep as your skin repairs itself while you sleep.

Self-Care Tip #3 – Hair-raising

Although most people wash their hair every day, you should not do this especially with dry, damaged hair. By washing your hair every day you are stripping the natural oils in your hair which it needs to help encourage growth and to nourish. Try washing your hair a maximum of twice a week- after the first 2 weeks your hair will get used to this and stop becoming ‘greasy’ quickly. Try using a non-sulphate shampoo, the ‘bubbles and lather’ are created from chemical derived sulphates. For healthy hair use sulphate-free shampoo. I recommend the Cowshed Shampoo as it uses Soap Wort, a natural foaming agent leaving your scalp healthy and your hair glossy.

Self-Care Tip #4 – Best foot forward

Start a regular home care foot routine. Moisturise your feet regularly to prevent them becoming dry and cracked. The best tip is to wear cotton socks with a generous amount of moisturiser to bed. Always file toes straight across, avoid curving the nail as this will encourage ingrowing toe nails. I recommended having a pedicure every 4-6 weeks but file slightly in-between treatments to keep nails short & moisturise to prolong the benefits of a pedicure.

Cowshed Speedy Pedicure 30 mins- £35

Self-Care Tip #5 - Hand and nail care

Hand cream EVERYTIME you wash your hands or even do the dishes, this will prevent your hands being stripped of moisture leaving them dry and irritated by some cleaning chemicals. Keep your ‘Cowshed Apricot Cuticle Oil’ by your bedside and apply before going to sleep every night. This will soften your cuticles and feed your nail with the vitamins needed to strengthen & grow.

Self-Care Tip #6 Skin- Male Grooming

Not to forget whilst all of these apply to men also it is increasingly more popular each year for men to take care of themselves to. This is why Cowshed present NEVILLE for our everyday gentleman who looks to take good care of himself.

With products contacting ingredients such as; aloe Vera, olive oil, clove & volcanic ash these products help to tone, repair, nourish, exfoliate whilst preventing in growing hairs and repairing nicks and cuts from shaving. Your routine can be as wide or as small depending on your daily routine.

Specially designed Neville express & the full works treatments are available to add to or start off your grooming routine, each one targeted directly to you and your everyday needs & life style

Self-Care Tip #7 Skin- Anti-aging

We would all love to turn back the clock but starting early or creating a good routine is all you need. Don’t wait for the lines, wrinkles & circles to appear the aging process starts from as young as 17!!

Whilst at 17 there is no need for ‘anti-aging’ or ‘anti-wrinkle’ creams a simple routine of cleanse, tone & moisturise twice daily will give the skin the moisture it needs to prolong a youthful glow. Always include the neck and chest.

If the lines, wrinkles & circles have appeared here are some tips to keep them at bay!

‘Jasmin toning eye balm’ Witch hazel helps to tone and tighten the skin, whilst Jasmin helps to stimulate circulation breaking down the build-up of blood cells (the cause of dark circles).

‘Anti-Ageing Night Serum’ Including oils such as rosehip & evening primrose, packed high of fatty acids helping to promote tissue healing & regeneration. The night serum will improve skin texture, tone & elasticity whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. With no preservatives, sulphates or parabens 46 British women put our Cowshed Anti-ageing night serum to the test for 4 weeks, all aged between 35-55. 80% said their skin texture improved, 72% said their skin looked firmer and 65% said the appearance of their fine lines had reduced.

Self-Care Tip #8- Body- How to get good sleep

Ever wondered why children get a good night sleep? They have a routine, tea, bath, story, bed. Adults are no different although just a lot older!

To create a good night sleep a routine is key. To unwind and switch off before you sleep. Although everyone may not have time for a lengthy relaxing bath, facial routine, book and a herbal tea you can make it as long or as short as suits your routine, but do this same routine every night & your body will begin to relate this routine with sleep meaning you can help to fall asleep quicker, deeper & for longer.

Cowshed sleepy cow range – Sleepy cow bath salts in a bath or even use as a body scrub in the shower will help to unwind and start the ‘sleep scent’. Sleepy cow body butter will nourish your skin whilst you sleep whilst the scents of lemon myrtle and Melisa will encourage relaxation. Sleepy cow tea with chamomile to relax, 60minutes before you sleep to avoid a broken night sleep with a toilet trip as you are about to drift off! Sleepy Cow pillow mist is great to spritz over your pillows to create a peaceful atmosphere helping relaxation and wellbeing. Containing properties such as glycerine-humectant to help retain skin moisture.

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