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St Moritz Covid Ready Documents




Q : What if there is a National Lockdown when I am due to stay?

A: We will contact all guests with a reservation as soon as possible to arrange a postponement or refund.


Q: What if my area is placed into a Tier where travel is restricted?

A: If the hotel is open and operational, our standard terms and conditions apply. Cancellations outside of 14 days will forfeit 25% of monies paid and 75% may be moved to a new booking or refunded. Cancellations inside 14 days will forfeit the full balance. We strongly recommend purchasing suitable travel insurance to cover any monies lost and will assist with any claims.


Q: Will I receive money back if some facilities are unavailable due to Government restrictions?

A: No. We must follow all Government restrictions that are in place for the safety of our staff, guests and the community.


Q: If I need to cancel and am unsure of new dates, will you hold my money?

A: Yes. We can place money on hold to be used within 12 months.


Q: Can I get travel insurance that covers me for all Covid-19 related cancellations?

A: We strongly recommend researching the best cover for you. There are lots of different policies available and will give varying cover towards Covid-19 cancellations.


Self-Catering FAQS

Q: If I book a villa/apartment what is the cancellation policy if I get Covid 19?

A:  If you or someone in your party contract Covid 19 or have symptoms and cannot stay, you would need to claim through your travel insurance for the cost of your stay. If we can re-let the booking, we would refund your 75% balance payment and retain your 25% non-refundable deposit.

Q: What happens if we are unable to travel due to my area being in Tier 3 or Tier 4?

A: If the area you live in is placed in Tier 3 or 4 and restricts travel, we will happily move your booking to the same week next year or an alternative date within 11 months.

Q: What happens if Cornwall goes into a localised lockdown?

A: If Cornwall goes into a localised lockdown and the hotel is forced to close, we will refund your 75% balance payment and move your 25% deposit to the same dates next year. Alternatively, we can move this 25% deposit to a future booking within the next 11 months.

Q: What happens in the government announce restrictions in hospitality that effect my stay e.g. closure of leisure facilities or bars/restaurants?

A: Your self-catering stay will be charged at the normal rate, we do not offer discounts if any of the facilities are not available for your stay. We do not charge more for your stay due to the facilities we have onsite.

Q: I am not comfortable paying my balance as I do not believe the hotel will be open for Easter

A: We are not currently taking any balance payments until we receive a confirmed reopening date from the government.

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We have made preparations to reopen with the health and safety of our guests and team members in mind. We have opened our self-catering villas whilst adhering to social distancing requirements.

New contactless guest arrival and departure and enhanced housekeeping and hygiene protocols designed to safeguard public health and safety and minimise any transmission risk are in place.

This welcome pack outlines some of the measures we are able to take to adjust our operations and protect the health of our guests and team members. It also includes important information on your stay with us, please read fully especially if you have stayed with us before as it outlines changes in our operations.

Should you need any assistance during your stay please call reception on 0 from your in-room telephone or by calling 01208862242 from outside the property.


The remaining balance for your stay has been charged to the card secured on file. We will also use this same card for any incidentals incurred during your stay and an invoice will be sent on the day of your departure. The Spa will operate a ‘Pay as you Go’ and will not charge to rooms.

When departing St Moritz, we ask that you leave your keys in your villa key safe box by 9am. The housekeeping team will require immediate access to your room to maximise the cleaning and sanitation time before the next arrival. No late check-outs will be authorised at this time.


Your villa has been thoroughly sanitised with enhanced hygiene and housekeeping protocols used. We are chemically fogging all villas between departures and arrivals to avoid any transmission of the virus.
Hand sanitiser is located at each villa arrival door, we ask all guests to sanitise their hands before entering the villa.
Communal areas in the hotel and toilets are sanitized every 30 minutes.
Our maintenance team are on-site between 9am to 6pm Sunday to Wednesday and 9am to 8pm Thursday to Saturday. Should you require any assistance please call reception by dialling ‘0’ from your villa. Our maintenance team will not enter any occupied property unless in an emergency.


The indoor pool is open 07.00 – 19.00 daily and must be pre-booked using the following link: Bookings may be made 48 hours in advance of your stay and for the duration of your stay (this may be altered to allow fair usage to all of our guests). The pool is divided into two halves- the main pool and the family pool. Swimming slots are on the hour and also quarter past the hour for 45 minutes and are per household only. Guests must leave their session promptly to allow our staff 15 minutes to clean the area before the next guests arrive.
Guests must sign in before entering the pool area and show proof of accommodation e.g. a Villa key. Changing rooms will remain closed, guests must arrive appropriately dressed. Before leaving your accommodation please shower and use hand sanitiser before entering the pool area. A mixed gender toilet will be available which will be sanitised after each swimming slot. The indoor pool will be entered and exited via the outside french doors.
Gym & Tennis Court is open 08:00 to 20:00 and must be pre-booked using the following link these facilities may only be booked 24hrs in advance. Unfortunately we cannot supply tennis rackets and gym users are responible for sanitising the equipment after use.
This is the only Covid Secure way to operate our swimming pools, Gym and Tennis court. Please expect limited use during your stay
and be courteous to other families to allow fair usage.
The Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi ,Children’s Games Room and Mini Moritz Activity Club remain closed.


There will a daily takeaway menu available at reception from 8.30am to 4pm (to adhere to government guidelines, this is strictly a takeaway service)
Tesco Superstore is the closest supermarket providing a delivery service at present: Cornwall’s answer to a Gousto box but so much better


The Cowshed Spa is open from 09:00-20:00 daily for treatments and products. The spa reception can be contacted on 01208869800.


There will be one on call Duty Manager available to assist with any emergencies and can be contacted via telephone by calling
0 from your in-room telephone and will assist with any issues that may arise. The Duty Manager will not enter any occupied
rooms unless in an absolute emergency.


First Aid Responders will be on-site daily. Simple first aid care will take place outdoors where possible. First Aiders will
only enter occupied rooms and self-catering properties where absolutely necessary. Our First Aiders will symptom check
individuals before attending minor injuries however, we will not attend to any individual that suddenly develops any
symptoms of Covid 19. Suitable PPE will be worn in these instances

If you are unsure of the governments policy on restrictions please use this link

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