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Afternoon Tea Blog

There is nothing better than relaxing in the St Moritz bar, on the patio in the summer, or next to the woodburner in the winter.

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Summer doesn't start until you have had strawberries and fizz at the Sea Side Restaurant & Bar

Stunning Cornish strawberries and local clotted cream served with a glass of the Pinot Noir Sparkling Rosé from Polgoon, at the Sea Side Restaurant & Bar.

4 · 7 · 16

Mighty Camel Estuary Mussels

Mussels from Rock, less than three miles away, are the latest hero on head chef David William's Celebrate the Seasons lunch menu at Sea Side.

16 · 6 · 16

Celebrate the Seasons

St Enodoc, Cornwall grown asparagus is the local ingredient of the moment and there's plenty of it at St Moritz Hotel

2 · 6 · 16

Tomato Gazpacho

Here's a simplified dish from the St Moritz kitchen for you to make at home

6 · 10 · 15

petit four recipe - blackberry fruit pastilles

Here is a super-seasonal petit four recipe that our kitchen is using at the mom

2 · 9 · 15

Salt beef hash browns with herb crusted hen's egg

Salt beef hash browns with herb crusted hen's egg. Jamie Porter brunch recipe

25 · 8 · 15

After Eight Cocktail Recipe

The ultimate after dinner treat... Here's our After Eight cocktail recipe to try at home

2 · 8 · 15

Wild Black Bream with Scallop and Lobster Ravioli Recipe

Bream with scallop & lobster ravioli, ratatoulli, vanilla, recipe from Head Chef Jamie Porter

31 · 7 · 15

Our Backyard

We scout the whole of Cornwall for the freshest food. Take a tour of our bountiful backyard and discover where your dinner comes from

29 · 6 · 15

Raspberry Mojito Recipe

It's the Month of Love at the St Moritz Hotel! Here's our Raspberry Mojito recipe to give a go at home

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Padstow Line Caught Mackerel Recipe

Impress your friends with Padstow line caught Mackerel, homemade Spinach Taglierini, Confit Squid, Pickled Dulce Seaweed, Sweetcorn and Chorizo!

15 · 1 · 15

Jamie Porter's Stone Bass Recipe

Wow your friends at a dinner party with head chef, Jamie Porter's stone bass recipe!

25 · 6 · 14

Sous Chef Andi's Sausage Recipe

British Sausage Week! Here are some facts about our succulent sizzlers

14 · 11 · 06

Salt beef hash browns with herb crusted hen's egg

"For me this dish is the perfect combination for brunch - it's salty, sweet and rich, with acidity and lots of texture. The watercress adds lovely freshness" - Jamie Porter. 


Serves 6

For the hash browns:

Flaked salt beef 1.5kg (buy from specialist butchers or online

Potato 500g mashed

Potato 2, peeled and grated

Egg white 1

English mustard 1tsp

Salt and pepper Pinch

Potato starch for dusting

For the dressing:

Dijon mustard 100g

Rapeseed oil 150g

Caster sugar 50g

For the herb crusted eggs:

Free range eggs 6

Japanese breadcrumb (panko) 200g

Garlic 1 clove

Chives 50g

Parsley 50g

Flour for coating

Egg beaten

To dress:


Rock salt

1. Hash browns

To make the hash browns, mix the salt beef, potato, egg white, English mustard and seasoning together. Mould into shapes and chill in the fridge for an hour. Once chilled, dust with potato starch and set aside.

2. Dressing

To make the dressing, whish the dijon mustard and sugar together until smooth. Add the oil gradually so it emulsifies to form a smooth dressing.

3. Eggs

Boil the eggs for 4-6 minutes, then drop them into iced water. Once cool, dry them with a paper towel.

Blitz the breadcrumbs, garlic, chives and parsley together. Roll each egg in some flour, then in whisked up raw egg and finally roll on the breadcrumb mix.

4. Cooking

Deep fry the hash browns and eggs at 180 degrees celcius until golden brown. Leave to drain on a paper towel for a minute before plating up. 

5. Dressing

Dress the watercress with the dressing and sprinkle with rock salt. Serve with pickled cucumber.