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Month of love self care tips

It is February, otherwise known as the "Month of Love" and in our Cowshed spa we are all about loving yourself

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how's your mood?

It's time to have fun with Cowshed. Discover our expertly crafted, mood-enhancing essential oil blends.

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Neville Treatments

Neville treatments at The Cowshed spa - British grooming for men who like to look sharp in seconds

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Sleepy Cow at the Cowshed

The perfect antidote to restless minds and sleep.Sleepy Cow is the answer to all your dreams.

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This month we're feeling horny

Whether you're romantically inclined or feeling frisky, our Horny Cow range is the perfect present for your Valentine

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Help us raise awareness for mens health and send us your best "Movember"

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Neville at the Cowshed Spa

New to the Cowshed at St Moritz! Neville, a supercharged range of men's shaving, hair, body and skincare products

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Sleepy Cow at the Cowshed

A Perfect Night's Sleep With a Little Help from the Shed

Drift off into a perfect night's sleep with our NEW Sleepy Cow Calming collection. Starring a unique aromatherapy blend of Melissa and Lemon Myrtle essential oils to relieve tension and quieten the mind. The perfect antidote to restless minds and sleep. Sleepy Cow is the answer to all your dreams.

First up is the Sleepy Cow Calming Bath Salts, £16; your new bedtime best friend. Sprinkle into a warm bath to ease tension and stress with Therapeutic Himalayan sea salts, while caring for your skin with moisturising Olive oil and protective Vitamin E.

Once you’re suitably relaxed, apply the Sleepy Cow Body Butter, £24, containing soothing St John’s Wort and nourishing Borage Seed Oil. Experience a sleep-inducing, creamy formula which absorbs quickly to cocoon the skin in a veil of comfort.

Once your body and mind are prepared for sleep, create the perfect calming ambience in your bedroom with the Sleepy Cow Pillow Mist, £16. Blended with extracts of St John’s Wort, Lady Mantle and Melissa essential oil, this 100% natural spray offers comfort with a sleep-inducing cloud of scent.

To complete your bedtime routine, enjoy a cup of calming Lemon Chamomile Tea, £5 (for 15), created exclusively for Cowshed by Joe’s Tea Co. Known for its natural sedative effect, Chamomile calms nerves and anxiety levels for a peaceful sleep.