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Month of love self care tips

It is February, otherwise known as the "Month of Love" and in our Cowshed spa we are all about loving yourself

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how's your mood?

It's time to have fun with Cowshed. Discover our expertly crafted, mood-enhancing essential oil blends.

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Neville Treatments

Neville treatments at The Cowshed spa - British grooming for men who like to look sharp in seconds

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Sleepy Cow at the Cowshed

The perfect antidote to restless minds and sleep.Sleepy Cow is the answer to all your dreams.

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This month we're feeling horny

Whether you're romantically inclined or feeling frisky, our Horny Cow range is the perfect present for your Valentine

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Help us raise awareness for mens health and send us your best "Movember"

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Neville at the Cowshed Spa

New to the Cowshed at St Moritz! Neville, a supercharged range of men's shaving, hair, body and skincare products

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how's your mood?

With a choice of 6 signature scents for your treatment, we're sure that whether you're feeling like a horny, knackered, lazy, grumpy, moody, wild or gorgeous cow, we'll have something for your mood.

Knackered Cow

When you're burnt out and broken, this blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus will put a spring back in your step. Lavender has a potent calming effect and Eucalpytus helps stimulate and rejuvinate your mood. 

Grumpy Cow

A zesty, citrus fragrance to uplift and invigorate; perfect for lengthening a short fuse, or a great wake-up call. The blend of Mandarin and Grapefruit essential oils is both invigorating and refreshing at once; a mood reviving wonder. 

Moody Cow

When you're moody and unpredictable, our balancing blend of Geranium, Linden Blossom and Francincense essential oils will set you back on an even keel. Rose Geranium is a standout ingredient for Moody Cows: it re-balances the nervous system, lifts depression and relieves anxiety. 

Horny Cow

A delicate infusion of three of the most amorously-inclined essential oils: Rose Absolute, Sandalwood and Vanilla. Vanilla's aphrodesiac and anti-depressant properties will make you feel invicible as well as irresistable, while a touch of Cinnamon adds warmth and an extra bit of spice.

Lazy Cow

The ultimate blend for when you want to tsample life in the peaceful slow lane. Essential oils of sleep-inducing Chamomile, Jasmine to soothe and Sandalwood to clear your mind.

Wild Cow

An unstoppable mix of energising Lemongrass, invigorating Ginger and riviving Rosemarry essential oils. Perfect for when you want to start the day on a high or a night out with a bang.

Gorgeous Cow

Put pure, unadulterated happiness firmly within your grasp with this blissed-out, floral blend. Featuring Madagascan Ylang Ylang, combined with Moroccan Rose and French lavender, sophisticated, gentle and unashamedly feminine.